Services Offered

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Hera Carneiro Photographer offers many services for a seamless and stress-free experience.

Photography Services


Your life story becomes more complete when it’s illustrated. Make sure to capture every moment!

WEDDINGs / Engagements

A happy and eternal union is an unbelievable moment that becomes unforgettable through pictures!


Whether it is for your newborn, for yourself, your wife an even your child, a professional photoshoot is a gift no one can refuse!

Group photoshoots

Are you graduating? Wanna celebrate your family and/or your friends? Don’t forget to capture every smile!


Portraits are an incredible way to present ourselves to the world. How do you think the Mona Lisa became so famous?


You can count on me for whatever comes! I am always here to make magical instants last forever!

Delivery Methods

Printed photos

Photo-quality glossy and matte papers. The amount and size is up to you, but the quality remains the best!


I will provide you with a flashdrive/CD with all of the pictures I took, no editing is done, nothing is added.


No one is perfect, but you can be! I will provide you with a flashdrive/CD with all of the pictures I took + some retouches/adjustments.


If making it last forever is your thing, a hardcover can transmit an incredible feeling of solidity all the while protecting your pictures from wear and tear.


What better way to eternalize something than making it into a book that you can physically grab with your hands? 



Sometimes we love a picture so much that we just want to look at that all day everyday. So why not use it to decorate your home?


Long distance travel

For a little bit more I will go anywhere outside of San Diego – CA. Can’t make it to me? I will make it to you!

Additional hours

It’s okay to need me for a little bit more. We all get carried on when having a good time. Just don’t forget that time has its price!

Multiple locations travel

Add a larger variety of backgrounds and tell different stories for a just a little more!

Second photographer

We all could use another pair of hands sometimes! Fortunately, I can always count on my photographer friends to join me! But they also need their fair share…

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